About us

ArenaCars Performance Center 

ArenaCars was created from passion for the automotive industry and ambition to create its own response to the expectations of users of prestigious car brands.

Managed by automotive industry enthusiasts with many years of experience in consulting, sales and customer service, is the answer to the needs and dreams of all those who love cars and at the same time expect high standards of service in all aspects related to the sale, purchase and financing of a premium class car. 

At ArenaCars we sell, buy back and rent new and used cars. Our company also offers professional assignment of lease agreements for all leased cars. 

In our work we combine the enthusiasm for the automotive industry with the professionalism that we have developed over the years in the market. No matter if you are looking for the latest premium car or a well maintained classic car - you have come to the right address!

All-in-One Service

Related to the purchase of premium cars, which consists of the following elements:

  • Highly-selected premium car offer
  • Ability to complete and professional car inspection
  • Availability of a full car history and third-party experts
  • Acceptance of the car in the settlement
  • Flexible financing (leasing, credit, rental)
  • Short term rental, replacement car
  • Car insurance
  • Valuation of the car according to Eurotax program and the best market knowledge
  • Technical condition assessment of the vehicle and forecast of future maintenance costs

We provide professional customer service for the sale and purchase of premium cars:

  • Consultancy on car selection
  • Consultancy on possible options for financing the purchase (leasing, rental, loan)
  • Acceptance of your car in the settlement or for commission sale
  • Lease payment, lease assignments, full support in the lease agreement termination for your car
  • We offer cars mainly from the Polish market
  • We ensure comprehensive service in the scope of car service and repairs
  • We professionally prepare cars for sale

We also welcome you to cooperate in the sale of cars by commission. The advantage of this form of sale is to obtain the highest possible price of the car.

Car rental services

Thanks to our own available and new fleet of cars and relationships with professional car rental companies, we specialize in car rental and optionally in searching for the best car rental offers in terms of price and cost optimization.

As an alternative to purchasing or traditional leasing with low purchase, we offer a wide range of car rental services, being ready for changes caused by market changes in the way the vehicle is used and the optional possibility to reduce the cost of car rental by only paying part of the car's value during its period of use.

We offer:

  • Short-term rental from 3 days to 24 months
  • Classical lease for up to 72 months with a high residual value of the car and the possibility of extending it with a full service package
  • Flexible rental, under which, based on one general agreement, you have the possibility to exchange a car during its duration
  • Rental with the right of pre-emption, when at a specified time, you have the right to purchase a used car after pre-defined and contractually agreed conditions
  • In addition, we offer VIP-transfer services, rental for marketing purposes and rental of cars as props on film and photo shoots